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Small Tokyo

Smallness begins not in Tokyo but in the mountains. There in the mountains almost anywhere in Japan, the crumpled folded spaces of steep mountain valleys and the circuitous meanderings of valleys seem designed to confuse the traveller. All sense of distance is confounded; that which is near seems far, the large seems small. Tokyo, sitting at the centre of by far the largest conurbation in the world, replicates this mountain landscape. It is replete with small things, small gaps between buildings, small thoroughfares in narrow townscapes, small distances between dierent districts. Despite its vast size Tokyo appears strikingly small … This is why we should extend a warm welcome to this exploration of small Tokyo that Darko Radovic, Davisi Boontharm and their colleagues have put together. … it is an explication, helping us to understand how these small spaces are created, animated and enjoyed.

- Paul Waley

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