Post-Souvenir City: Mediterranean Urban Intensity and New Tourism Practices in Alicante


Post-Souvenir City brings together essays and investigations by architects, urbanists and other specialists, in which they address various dimensions of tourism and urban space. The focus is on Spain, whose tourism is among the most visible in the world, and which has experienced both the excitements and the lows of tourism-fueled growth.      Recently, Spain was among the countries which suffered most in the global economic downturn. The environmentally and culturally

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In the Search of Urban Quality: 100 maps of Kuhonbutsygawa Street, Jiyugaoka

MnM_In the Search of Urban Quality

This book presents the material compiled for one of the case studies conducted within Measuring the non-Measurable – Mn’M research project. It brings together a number of maps of one particular place in Tokyo – the precinct of Jiyugaoka and, more precisely, only one of its streets, Kuhonbutsugawa Ryokudo. The focus on a small location in the largest city in the world is a message in itself. When speaking about the actual quality (of life), we need to think about a particular

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MnM Workbook 3: Future Urban Intensities

MnM Workbook 3 Future Urban Intensities

This book brings together a selection of research papers, which were first presented at the concluding, third Measuring the non-Measurable – Mn’M Symposium, held in Tokyo 11.2013.      Mn’M Workbook 3: Future Urban Intensities brings a selection of essays which present both the optimism towards the ever-finer measurement and representation of finest qualities of the urban, as well as doubts, which are intended to provoke, stimulate and deepen further discussion. It summari

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Urbophilia No.5 Measuring the non-Measurable


co+labo A1 newsletter no.5

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Urbophilia No.4: Sense of Public-Private

urbophilia No.5 Sense of Public-Private1

co+labo A1 newsletter no.4

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Mn’M Workbook 2: Tokyo Dérive

colabo WB2sm

Darko Radović (ed.): Tokyo Dérive: In Search of Urban Intensities of Tokyo   This volume of visual essays presents a selection of recordings from Tokyo fieldwork, and fragments of rich follow-up discussions at Keio University, which were conducted by the team of experts involved in an interdisciplinary urban and architectural research project Measuring the non-Measurable - Mn’M in November 2012. Mn’M Project, which is central to IKI - International Keio Institut

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The Split Case


This book is about one particular city, about the cities in general, and about the ways to approach the urban. The main aim behind its production was to present one authentic urban practice, hypothesizing how unique practices demand authentic methods capable to simultaneously address times and spaces, the glamour and the everydayness of the urban. The book deals with Split, the key urban centre of Dalmatia. More specifically, it focuses at the historic core of Split, the

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Urbophilia No.3 Tokyo Architecture Map


co+labo A1 newsletter no.3

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Small Tokyo


Smallness begins not in Tokyo but in the mountains. There in the mountains almost anywhere in Japan, the crumpled folded spaces of steep mountain valleys and the circuitous meanderings of valleys seem designed to confuse the traveller. All sense of distance is confounded; that which is near seems far, the large seems small. Tokyo, sitting at the centre of by far the largest conurbation in the world, replicates this mountain landscape. It is replete with small things, small ga

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