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+J Pavilion Competition S 2013


Through the work on Mn’M case-study 1 – Jiyugaoka, all the students are required to deal with some observations and creations of various ‘situations’, in order to research behavior patterns within spaces of public/ private interface. The aims of the work are in the following.

a. to provide large quantity of feedback from general public, aimed at getting closer to definition of key Mn’M themes, such as urban intensity and quality of (urban) experience

b. to contribute to better understanding and successful urban design and management of key public spaces in Jiyugaoka and Meguro-ku.

To facilitate the highest quality of fieldwork, an Mn’M Information and Urban Research Kiosk is envisaged, as the place where intensive data-colleaction and dissemination sessions will be conducted. The kiosk is conceived as a small boot with digital and standard information material (such as maps, questionnaire sheets etc.) – to be shared with, and engage the passers-by. For each of four seasons, the co+labo radovi will design and build several urban installations, season- specific public/private inside/outside interfaces between the interior of the kiosk and the adjoining semi-public spaces.



Tent: Layout of a 3A tent; 2700mm(W)× 5400mm(D)× 2800mm(H)(14.58㎡, about 78kg), with 6 columns
Site: Choose mixed residential/ commercial place, on green alley/ Kuhonbutukawa-Ryokudo.
Kiosk: Design a tool for Mn’M exhibition and events, which must be weatherproof and related to tent.
Exhibition: Layout of 11.000 or 22.000mm drawing sheet + expectable research documents, and so on.
Event: Propose a situation for Mn’M event, which must be a part of data collection.
Users: Yourself, your friends, Jiyugaoka visitors, residents, and co+lab members.
Material: Choose an adequate material, which would be cardboard, paper tube, bluer sheet, wooden panel, and so on.
Budget: Estimate less than ¥100.000

Chair: Darko Radovic
Members: Kondo Tetsuo,Davisi Boontharm, Hashimoto Tamao, Iwase Ryoko, Sano Satoshi


The conceptual design will be developed and installed on site within 2 weeks by the contribution of all Colabo members. You are invited to visit our first +J project on 7.20 - 7.22 at Jiyugaoka Station (Tokyu-Toyoko line and Tokyu-Oimachi line).