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new lifestyle of Stains – Intensive Slow
This project proposes a new lifestyle of Stains – Intensive Slow.

Existing allotments on the project site operate as a semi-closed public space, only for neighbours to get engaged in farming. This project creates a chance to bring every kind of people into the site, such as inhabitants, neighbours, associations of schools or blocks, and visitors through agriculture、and also revitalize the allotment as an open public space for them. Here agriculture works as a framework, which ties and connects their lifestyle.

Building volumes for residence, commerce and public service are put on the edge of the site in order as many people as possible to get engaged in agriculture This method preserves so huge area of allotment as the present condition with no intervention. This project changes this huge allotment into a park, where every people can visit, experience and enjoy their vacation. Present square and monotonous allotments are enclosed by concatenation of bean-shape, and makes diverse walking experience and smooth flow of the circulation. Those beans are divided into various clusters, which have a open space for interaction and the pond for moisture. Then buildings are put as small elements for agriculture: folly as a modest roof, barn as a n enclosure and bench as a smallest floor for taking a rest. In this way small bean-shape allotments and small architectural elements activate this huge allotment area as an agricultural park, which is very open and contains many changing experience. People meet there, stroll slowly, enjoy beautiful scenery, and experience to bring up small life – it is intense and extensive place for living.

Agricultural field and park, two “place to spend time relaxed” meets each other, and a new lifestyle Intensive Slow is born. It is the most innovative, environmentally and culturally sustainable, and the most suitable for this place, the center of Stains.