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2012 Design Workshop with Leeds University @ co+labo Tokyo,Japan

This workshop is the second part of a collaborative design/research project between Leeds Metropolitan University (Keeffe Studio) and co+labo Radović. The collaboration is funded by Daiwa Foundation. The first workshop was held 23-29.2.2012 at Biospheric Foundation in Manchester. A joint design-research studio focused on environmental sustainability and, in particular, on urban agriculture. The Leeds@co+labo workshop at Keio University (23-29.3.2012) deals with cultural sustainability. Students will be exploring the nuances of public-private interface within the framework of intensive and actual spaces, in selected parts of contemporary Tokyo, with special focus on residential areas and creative milieu with “other-than” activities. The Tokyo leeds@co+labo workshop is a part of the large IKI design-research project Measuring the non’Measurable.