2012 Design Workshop with Leeds University Salford/Manchester, Great Britain

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first part of the collaborative design/research project, funded by Daiwa Foundation

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Urbophilia No.2 IKI Mn’M Symposium 2011


co+labo A1 newsletter no.2

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density intensity resilience-the split case Split, Croatia

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The Split Workshop aimed to investigate historically established patters of urban life and capacity of urban fabric and architecture to evolve, using the example of the very core of the ancient city. Focusing at Diocletianʼs Palace and its vicinity, the workshop will attempted to engage salient urban phenomena and issues such as urbanity, everyday life, smallness, density, intensity, creativity, (re)use, recycling, requalification, open space, cultural sustainability. The wor

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new lifestyle of Stains - Intensive Slow This project proposes a new lifestyle of Stains - Intensive Slow. Existing allotments on the project site operate as a semi-closed public space, only for neighbours to get engaged in farming. This project creates a chance to bring every kind of people into the site, such as inhabitants, neighbours, associations of schools or blocks, and visitors through agriculture、and also revitalize the allotment as an open public space for them

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an invitation for the Venetians | a draft strategy for bottom-up design of extraordinary spaces for ordinary and everyday activities in Venice the life in Venice, Der Tod in Venedig … yes, but, we seek la vita a Venezia all too often, calls to design for Venice, various initiatives (not unlike the Venice City Vision Architecture Competition) become exercises in designing more attractions for the visitors of Venice, for the hordes of tourists (which we all some fake Carnevale

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Tokyo Metabolization and Identity of Place

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The area of Tokyo has been developed quickly through the radical change of urban disasters; Great Kanto earthquake and fire, American bombing, etc. But some areas were saved andsettled the strong identity of traditional Japanese town. Tokyo is metabolized itself from big plots with few land owners in the past then became smaller. Present situation, the city is dense the vertical community(high-rise building) on compliling land plots. Some are gentrified, but does the gentrifc

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A Morphological Study of Small Irregularly Shaped Urban Spaces-Split and Tokyo

undergraduate research 3

understanding of difference between cities, through an examination of urban character as expressed by solid/void and public/private interface.

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Tokyo-Creative Urbanism Revisited NUS@co+labo Tokyo, Japan

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The project focuses on creativity and the city. The emphasis is on urban design analysis and urban design-research explorations of selected precincts of Tokyo which are strongly marked by creativity of their residents and visitors. The key topics of the subject are (1) creative urbanism, and in particular its contribution to sustainability of urban culture; and (2) contextual sensibility, as a precondition for cultural and environmental quality of design.

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