Mn’M SYMPOSIUM 2013 this weekend


DOWNLOAD PROGRAM:  PLACE: FRIDAY: KEIO UNIV. YAGAMI CAMPUS (building 16, 3F) SATURDAY: KEIO UNIV. YAGAMI CAMPUS MMR (building 14, b2F) SATURDAY: KEIO UNIV. HIYOSHI CAMPUS RAIOSHA   HIYOSHI+YAGAMI CAMPUS: (Address) Keio University Faculty of Science and Technology Yagami Campus 3-14-1 Hiyoshi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 223-8522, Japan (Access) 5 mintes by Taxi or 15 minutes walk from Tokyu-Toyoko Line Hiyoshi St

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PhD thesis: Advanced Assemblage Analysis of Built Environment and Persistence of the Identity of Place in Yanesen

01 diagram complexity of place ID

The Thesis advances methods of urban analysis based on the assemblage theory by increasing its capacity to address changes in built environment and relating them to persistences of the identity of place. The methodology proposed and tested in this thesis approaches place in its complexity and analyses the dynamics of change of a concrete place as a whole. The dynamics of change contribute to the persistence, which itself defines the identity of the place. The Yanesen precinc

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international Symposium workshop The Anatomy of an Island, at Vis, Croatia


Public presentation of student proposals 5 October 2013 was the closing event of this year's Anatomy of an island symposium and workshop, held at the island Vis. Students from Japan (Keio University and University of Tokyo), Slovenia (University of Ljubljana), Italy (Palermo University) and Croatia (University of Zagreb), who under the supervision of professors Tadej Glažar (Ljubljana), Neno Kezić (Split), Davisi Boontharm (Melbourne), Darko Radović (co+labo, Tokyo) and Ko Na

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colabo Assistant work is reported at Kenplatz


Our assistant 'Satoshi Sano' 's work is reported at Architectural portal site, 'Kenplatz'.The report is about Dragon Court Village(ドラゴン・コート・ビレッジ)/設計:Eureka(エウレカ)

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Urban Research Pavilion in Jiyugaoka 7/20(sat)-7/23(tue)


co+labo countdown towards opening of Jiyugaoka urban research pavilion ...   The pavilion will be erected in Kouhobutsugawa Street and, in the period 20-23 July, serve as the centre for collection of data on urban quality of that area.  If you are in Tokyo in that period, please visit the co+labo +J urban research pavilion and contribute to success of the Mn'M project. +J summer pavilion was generously supported by J Spirit, Jiyugaoka machizukuri organisation, Meguro-ku

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+J Pavilion Competition S 2013


INTRODUCTION ; Through the work on Mn’M case-study 1 – Jiyugaoka, all the students are required to deal with some observations and creations of various ‘situations’, in order to research behavior patterns within spaces of public/ private interface. The aims of the work are in the following. a. to provide large quantity of feedback from general public, aimed at getting closer to definition of key Mn’M themes, such as urban intensity and quality of (urban) experience b

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Mn’M book fair in Roppongi TSUTAYA


Now Roppongi TSUTAYA book store in TOKYO MIDTOWN makes Mn’m series book fair. Please visit the srore before 7th JULY. TSUTAYA ROPPONGI

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Mn’M Workbook 2: Tokyo Dérive

colabo WB2sm

Darko Radović (ed.): Tokyo Dérive: In Search of Urban Intensities of Tokyo   This volume of visual essays presents a selection of recordings from Tokyo fieldwork, and fragments of rich follow-up discussions at Keio University, which were conducted by the team of experts involved in an interdisciplinary urban and architectural research project Measuring the non-Measurable - Mn’M in November 2012. Mn’M Project, which is central to IKI - International Keio Institut

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Shinkenchiku 2013 .6


June 2013 issue of SHINKENCHIKU brings discussion between the LIXIL jury members - Kengo Kuma, Darko Radović and Tomonari Yashiro the 2013 winning design at the LIXIL competition for design of the resort in Meme Meadows, Hokkaido was produced by Harvard team, headed by Professor Mark Mulligan

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